We have a wonderful team who can express without speaking, we have a team who can understand without hearing, we have a team who can move without feet and we have a team who can work single handed. What else we can think of?

We have a work ecosystem where we have all rounders to help each other.

We do not believe in post or hierarchy. For us, All are our heroes and we are proud of them.

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Vikas Gupta is the founder and Managing Director of Miners At Work. Upon completing his Engineering Diploma in Mobile Computing in Singapore’s Ngee Ann Polytechnic, he proceeded and achieved his Bachelor of Science (Business) from UniSim University of Singapore.

Vikas Gupta was also selected as Chairman of Sim Lim Square’s en-bloc sales committee which consist of the complex owners. This being a prestigious but challenging project with an uphill task, it was entrusted to him to head its marketing and sales initiatives. This commercial complex with more than 500 units is understood to be worth more than a SGD$1 billion.

Vikas Gupta is the youngest chairman in Singapore and a foreign born for this particular post; clearly being chosen for his capability and credibility within the community. He has featured in the local newspapers such as The Strait Times and The Business Times on numerous occasions.

He has successfully started and managed many business ventures and has over 10 years of experience in business, legal, marketing and dynamic strategies specially in technology and computer science.

His GPS tracking business(iamtreked.com) solution is being deployed by numerous car leasing companies in Singapore and have been the benchmark providing constant and repeat business.

Coinotc.org is one of his business start-ups just before Miners At Work. This business arm trades crypto currency over the counter with high transactional volume and has 100s of positive customer reviews from numerous countries.

He has been a prime force in making these businesses a success by incorporating technology and up-to-date systems through detailed experiments and studies. Through his awareness and know-how in this industry, he had deployed solutions effectively and is consistently improvising to make all business ventures a success.

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HD GUPTA (Advisor)

Mr. HD GUPTA (father of Vikas Gupta) is a self made entrepreneur who has covered a journey from Nothing to US$50 Million asset base within last 30 years. He is an Engineer by education and has more than 30 years of business experience in IT, Technology, real estate, hospitality and business strategies consultancy.He is the largest owner of Singapore’s famous IT complex in Asia and has done business transactions of more than $500 million in many countries.

He was never employed with basic salaries, privileged with annual leave and low medical benefit. But due to his ingenuity, he has created jobs for more than 100s of individuals continuously for the last 20+ years. Mr. Gupta possesses the knowledge of various industries especially in banking although he was never involved in the of investment in shares, forex, units and bonds throughout his life. This is due to the reason of his understanding of business, self-effort, and dedication.

His business intelligence and strategies had made many unknown brands to be within the TOP 3 revenue performers in regions he has actively done business. His business acumen was realised when most of these brands stopped flourishing once he decided to move on to other brands and businesses. His modest and humility was known when he was bias-free in serving products and services for the common public to ministers; clerks to CEO, the layman to celebrities.

Mr Gupta is also qualified Acharya (Expert) having deep knowledge of Vedic Vastu, Astrology & Numerology and has uncovered unsolved mysteries of life for many top notch Celebrities, Bureaucrats, Diplomats & Businessmen.

Mr. HD Gupta has been features more than a hundred times on live interviews and media write-ups , the news and media coverages’ in leading newspapers and television channels repeatedly in many countries for his various achievements.  http://www.goldkist.net/newsroom/

Chin Hwee png

Goh Chin Hwee

Chin Hwee brings vast knowledge and experience in Market Risk and Exposure Management to MinersAtWork.

Chin Hwee achieved his First Class Degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Subsequently, he achieved his Masters of Business Administration from one of the Top French Business School, INSEAD.

He had worked as Assistant Director in Monetary Authority of Singapore for 7 years. He worked in Market Risk at DBS Bank of Singapore for 1 year. He held Vice-President level in Exposure Management at one of the bigger bank, Deutsche Bank of Singapore, for 2 years.


Parbat Bhatiya

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Holds a Degree in Master of Computer Applications from IGNOU University.

Have 8 years of experience in developing portals, system analysis & design, telematics & crypto domains and leading programmer team for fully integrated solutions.

Andrew png

Andrew Subra

Andrew completed his M.B.A in 2014 from the University of Texas at Dallas. He has done his BBA from University of Oklahoma in Project Management and is presently pursuing a professional certification in Digital Marketing and Sales.

He has been in the workforce for the last 17 years. He started off with the MICE industry and have more than 10 years of Sales and Marketing experience with 3 of the biggest conference producers(namely Worldwide Business Research, IBC Asia, Lighthouse Independent Media) here in Asia.

He has also served as a Relationship Manager with American Express for a total of 5 years. His role was to handle corporate accounts by bringing in loans and to service existing clients.

Andrew has also recruited, trained and managed teams both in the banking and MICE industries as well. Besides being a strong negotiator he possesses good communication as well as written skills. Understanding sales work flow, timeline and processes in a KPI driven industry has give him that added advantage.

Presently at Miners At Work he serves as a Business Development Manager identifying new prospects and business as well as provide trainings to new team members. He is very passionate about this new technology evolution and is putting his heart and soul to make it a success.

Arti png

Arti Hitesh Kumar

Started off as a young entrepreneur, Arti started with her own Mobile shop at the age of 14 and was covered in news media. She later developed interest in events management after secondary school.

Arti has worked with the media and events industry for more than 10 years. Such as simple school events, company D&D and family days. She has even handled shoots for local TV drama, overseas dramas and movies as well.

After she settled down, she decided to have a 9-5 job so that she would be able to spend time with her family as well and to learn something she had never tried before. She found her next interest in the world of blockchain and is currently serving as an Assistant Manager at Minersatwork and expanding the client base for this company.

She is a coordinator, multi-tasker and manages the daily operations of Minersatwork.  

Roy png

Roy Phoon

Roy is equipped with two diploma, one in Pastry & Baking from SHATEC and the other in Multimedia Design from First Media Design School. He has a strong work experience of 14 years in reputed brands including Westin and Swissotel. His job scope varied from F&B, hotel, customer service, designing and computer graphic.

He had to give up his dream of a chef due to an accident he sustained a few years ago.

After joining Miners At Work, Roy found his next interest in the world of blockchain and is very passionate about it. He is currently serving as an Account Management Executive developing new markets like China, India and UAE and expanding the client base for these company.

He is a very service-orientated individual and always looking to acquire knowledge in this new technological revolution.


Keval Mer

Software Programmer
Holds a Degree in Master of Computer Applications from SA University

Working Domain: PHP Framework and Node JS Developer

5 years of work experience


Vijay Jadeja

Software Programmer
Holds Bachelor of Engineering from GTU University

Working Domain: PHP Framework and Security

3 years of work experience


Yash Trivedi

Software Programmer

Holds Bachelor of Engineering from SA University

Working Domain: Design Integration, PHP Framework and Database Design


2 years of work experience


Ravi Bhatia

Software Programmer

Holds Bachelor of Engineering from SA University

Working Domain: Designer, HTML, Responsive & Mobile App Designing

1 years of work experience

We are not perfect but we are honest and trustworthy.

We have a team who may has some limitations but important is that they are aware of those and further they are capable to overcome it.

We welcome you to be part of us in any manner(except charity) you deem fit say be our customer or supplier or mentor or investor- All are welcome.

“Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative. But I am not familiar with the specific product to assert whether it is the best potential setup. And we need a long time to establish confidence.”

Nassim Taleb...Statistician, former trader and risk analyst (Source: Wikipedia)