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What is GINNI?

• The 1st ICO for Crypto Mining and FastCoin ATM
• It is a Digital Token for creating real infrastructure for crypto mining and operating ATM machines giving a constant gains
• Based on
2 distinct business streams giving a better business model of Mining (high profit with low turnover) and ATM (low profit with high volume)

Rewards in GINNI

• Get up to 40% more tokens, only limited during the Pre-ICO period
• GINNI token holders will have regular and quarterly rewards upto 58% of the gains generated
Company is expecting an average turnover of $1 billion dollar with $21 million profits annually
• ICO is raising about US$15M but for an indicative valuation of US$128M

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What is Mining?

– Mining is the processing of transactions of cryptocurrency
– Miners get a % of rewards for the work done
– It is performed by mostly by GPU or ASIC miners
– Requires space, internet, electricity, cooling system, computer hardware and maintenance

Rewards in Mining

– A typical setup of 30,000 USD will produce a monthly income of about 3,000 USD with the cost of energy and service etc. at about 600 USD of the entire value chain.
– Mining provides a stable and constant reward

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atm front

What is ATM?

Allow public to purchase and sell crypto currencies INSTANTLY easily
It can dispense up to 40 major crypto coins
Operates 24/7, no off days no public holidays

Rewards in ATM

– Estimated with the sale of 1 btc at 6500 USD daily
– Comes to a total of 2,340,000 USD per year and nett reward of 1% (23, 400 USD)
– With the cost of ATM at 8800 usd, giving a 166% returns on one ATM
– Imagine having 100 ATM installed across the world.

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An opportunity for a huge growth potential.

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