International Marketing:

1. Company has done arrangements to install Fast Coin ATM in India (Delhi, Uttar Pradesh) and UAE(Dubai) and is in discussion with a prominent brand to install 20 of these in their outlets.

2.The company is starting international road shows & press conferences from 3rd of Dec which is expected to give huge media coverage in mainstream newspapers and TV channels.
-3rd Dec Lucknow(Captial of Uttar Pradesh)
-4th Dec Chandigarh(Capital of Haryana & Punjab)
-5th Dec Delhi (Capital of India)
-27th Dec Mumbai(Capital of Maharastra and considered financial capital of India)

-Rajkot/Thailand/Malaysia dates yet to finalise.

3.MAW has started roadshows in Singapore from 26 Nov and expected to have 8 roadshows during PREICO & ICO which include site visit to facilities.

4.These are expected to be attended by over 100-150 Journalists from prominent newspapers covering media coverage giving a wide media publicity. Management have done such press conferences successfully in past for their other businesses.

5.MAW has successfully conducted its 1st roadshow in Singapore on 26 Nov 2017 and got a good response.

6.MAW has done strategic tieup with a marketing company having 100+ LCD screens to display at prominent locations in Singapore about ICO/PREICO/ROADSHOW.