In the world of ICOs, more than 95% of start-ups have only an idea or a whitepaper. We have benchmarked ourselves for the unique reasons below:


  1. Miners at work has created an idea and executed the project which is in function since its inception.
  2. For an idea or concept in blockchain, a mining infrastructure will be needed to start and sustain it. While there are thousands of ICOs created consistently, less than 1% of them have the necessary infrastructure to function. We have placed ourselves in a unique and niche position by being in that 1% through creating and maintaining a fully functional mining infrastructure.
  3. Investment in mining infrastructure with us give investors the assurance of its proper usage due to our business transparency.
  4. We have a team of competent and proven professionals with a successful track history in various businesses across numerous countries.
  5. We are a group in operation since 2004 and are asset backed with a net worth of over $40 Million.
  6. We are self-sufficient such that in the event the targeted capital to raise falls short during our ICO, we can still sustain, function and be profitable due to our strong financial backing and ownership of assets.
  7. We are a trusted group of companies for decades and have a huge base of positive reviews from customers, suppliers, and business associates.
  8. Based in Singapore gives us substantial tax benefits, as such a smaller tax bracket yields a higher net profit.


Miners-at-Work’s project is in the execution stage and our pilot is in operation. All necessities such as space, power and security are arranged and in place and our GPUs’/miners are fully functioning. Anyone who have heard about digital currencies knows that intelligent involvement in it can be highly profitable and sustainable. As such, investors have the choice to solely be involved in mining without the need to invest in hardware, software, framework or the necessary research work to understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Miners-at-Work, backed by its parent company Sim City Group of Company, is a financially solvent and prudent company. The company is in operation since 2004 and has an asset base of S$40 Million in terms of real estate in Singapore’s prominent IT complex Sim Lim Square. Sim City has contributed significantly toward the platform by giving space for this activity on rent free basis in lieu of 5% of tokens. Miners-at-Work will be paying only maintenance charges and property tax on actual basis to Sim City. This will save MAW a lot of time and renovation cost for electricity and air-conditioning investments.

As such all funds raised from investors/ICO will be utilised for scaling and business expansion purposes only in a transparent manner as indicated on its website for hashpower and other parameters. Investors will have the opportunity to understand the path the company takes towards such initiatives.

Miners-at-Work promoters’ has been in the IT business for over 3 decades and has created a strong financial cushion that is also supporting her other brands such as ‘Iamtreked’, ‘CoinOtc’ and ‘Adperkm’.

Singapore is home ground for Miners-at-Work cryptocurrency endeavours due to its business-friendly environment and lower taxation. Our study shows that tax benefits outperforms even cheaper electricity costs.

Furthermore Singapore is well known for its transparent legal systems to enforce any issues arisen and to protect investors. The World Bank Group has ranked Singapore 2nd in the ‘ease of doing business’ index. She is know to be corruption free and business can sustain and expand rapidly without any bureaucracy hassles. Besides being politically stable, Singapore is also a major financial hub and home to some of the biggest corporations.

For these reasons, our investors can be assured that they have the right partner in one of the most advanced countries in the world.